Saturday, May 30, 2009

To blog or not to blog?

I've been contemplating a blog for quite some time but refrained from it because of time constraints. As an alder I serve on twelve committees and as a business owner and consultant I manage two companies. So there isn't much time left.

I also felt that a meaningful blog requires regular attention. And because I've been journaling since the age of eleven and didn't want to compromise this important ritual (and therapy), I've been somewhat reluctant.

However, a number of friends and community members kept bugging me to start a blog. I wonder whether they just want to confirm their opinions of me, see me make a fool of myself in public, or have some other motive yet to be discovered.

All joking aside, I do have two compelling reasons for initiating this blog. First, as an elected official I believe a blog, where I can share my thoughts and feelings about events and decisions, will add to public discourse. Second, the act of writing has always helped me improve my thinking. It slows down the mind enough to keep asking what the underlying issues are and what the end goal should be.

With this in mind I'm willing to join the millions of bloggers out there.

PS: Don't expect polished grammar. You get what you pay for.